From the Overall Coordinator

Advent Reflections

11-26-2014Peter Poppleton

Brothers and Sisters,

Advent Greetings!  As the calendar year begins to close so also does the Western Church year open.  Advent is a season of preparation when we remember the birth of Christ and look forward to His second coming.  In history we find traces of the beginning of the preparation for Christmas as early as the later part of the fourth century.  As it developed there was a penitential season similar to that of Lent though now it is more of a prayerful preparation for a solemn, though festive, remembrance of the Incarnation.

As I began to think of Advent I thought of Mary – whom all generations call blessed. I think there is an image somewhere with her hand resting quietly over Jesus in her womb. We have all seen this gesture of a woman holding her hand over a child in her womb. There is almost an audible silence in the face of the woman as the mystery of the babe in her womb is developing. I invite us to enter into some of that silence in this season. Let it be a silence that initially leads us to prepare our hearts with a spirit of repentance and contrition. And let this turning inward then open us up to the joy of anticipating the arrival of He who entered into the history of the world at His time and who will bring that history to a climax in the future.