Monthly Theme

January Get Connected and Set Simply Ready Goals
  1. Identify one or more people or families with whom you can connect and support in an emergency.
  2. Commit to Completing one Readiness Activity per Month
February Communications & Planning
  1. Create an Emergency Communications Plan
March Basics Emergency Preparations
  1. Begin the 5-5-5 Plan
April Emergency Water Storage
  1. Complete 5-5-5 Plan/Store Extra Water
May Preventing and Handling Heat Emergencies
  1. Attend Ready Fest 2 & Lord’s Day BBQ
  2. Prep Home & Car for Heat Emergencies
June Power and Light
  1. Stock and safely store an adequate and safe back-up fuel supply
  2. Stock headlight-type flashlights, spare batteries and other emergency lighting tools
July Storing Food for Emergencies
  1. Store 1 to 3 weeks of emergency food supplies
  2. Create a plan for addressing chronic or longer term food emergencies
August Preparing Food in Emergencies
  1. Obtain and practice cooking on indoor/outdoor non-electric cooking appliances
September Gardening with a Purpose
  1. Attend Ready Fest 3
  2. Visit at least one neighborhood demonstration garden
October Sanitation
  1. Prepare or purchase at least one “honey pot” (alternative toilet) for your household
November Medical/First Aid-CPR & Emergency Prep Practice
  1. Complete a First Aid or CPR Class or sign up for CERT training
  2. Participate in the POW2 Weekend
December Security
  1. Create and implement a safe and reasonable plan for protecting your loved ones, your home and yourselves