Simple Ready:  People who live “Simply Ready” – that is, who follow a life of Christian Simplicity and are prepared for emergencies can more easily evangelize.  It’s easier to be Christ to those hurting and lost in the midst of disaster when you have already prepared to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Simply Ready Team:  Formed in Fall 2013, the team has members in all branches with the Core Team in Phoenix (Ron & Christine Brinkman, Rob & Pat Drechsler, Sharon Poppleton, and Steve Beghul.)

Christian Simplicity: Living in such a way that your environment, time, thinking, relationships, emotions, physical being, possessions, and finances are not overly influenced by this world and its desires but by the Lord.  It’s about making more space in your life and in your heart for God to move in you and through you to the world that needs His love.

Interdependence:  While we must each be prepared, we should face that task together.  We will need each other for spiritual, mental, emotional and—at times—physical support.  This is nothing new; it is essentially the way we have lived together in Covenant love for 30-40 years.  We also must care for those members and loved ones who are at risk (older, ill, disabled, new parents, etc.) and are unable to prepare for themselves.

Motivates, Informs, Coaches and Educates (MICE):

  • Motivates:  Encourages, inspires
    Informs:  Keeps you up-to-date; helps you decode “signs of the times”
    Coaches:  Offers advice and guidance
    Educates:  Helps you to increase your knowledge and to develop skills
  • Just as important is what we DON’T do…we don’t force, mandate or otherwise require participation and we don’t do the work for you.

Self-reliance:  The ability to depend on one’s own resources, skills and abilities to survive a life-altering emergency for the duration of that emergency.  As hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy showed, you may not be able to rely on the government for speedy assistance during a disaster.  We must be prepared to protect and care for ourselves, our families and our loved ones.

To be prepared for:  To practice holy prudence and personal responsibility; to get yourself and your family protected and ready for short and long-term emergencies before something expected OR unexpected occurs.