Welcome to the COTL Simply Ready website!

Why this website? Isn’t it both prudent and responsible to protect ourselves, our families (and whomever else the Lord calls us to serve) by preparing in advance for emergencies? Of course, but that can be a challenging task.

Some of us have experience being “provident and resourceful people” which can help, but many of us do not have that background. This website is designed to help you meet the challenge of being as ready as possible for natural, human-caused, and personal emergencies. We’re called to do all we can to prepare, and leave the rest to the Lord.

As the Simply Ready team has been researching, we’ve discovered that the emergency preparedness information available on the internet is extensive and overwhelming! So, we’re going to post some useful and concise information here, but we’ll also be pointing you to different locations on the internet so you can research to meet the specific needs of your family or “caring group.”

Ready Info Tabs

The first active Ready Info tab is on Water Storage and Purification. In the future, we will be uploading more readiness information on additional tabs. Also note that each branch has the ability to add geographic-specific information. Please print this information and keep it handy in a binder. How else will you be able to reference it in the event of a power loss?

Bottom Line

At the heart of being Simply Ready is preparing to serve others. We are responsible for taking care of our families, those we care for, and those around us who are not in a position to prepare for themselves. The team's mission and purpose is not to prepare FOR you, but to help you prepare FOR YOURSELF and your loved ones.

To make this website as useful as possible, we need and want your input. Please share your thoughts, questions and comments via email to simplyready@cityofthelord.org.

God bless you,
Ron Brinkman, Chair

COTL Simply Ready Team