This is a beginner’s list. It is only a starting point. Keep in mind that this list will vary according to each individual needs of the person or family group involved. When an emergency situation strikes, you will have a short time only to either to “Secure in place” or to “Bug out” It would be wise to have these supplies stored in a secure place within your home or office.

Recommended Supply

Axe or Hatchet 


For chopping wood & hammering

Back Pack

1 per person

Large (but comfortable to carry)


12 of each size

Sizes “AA”, “AAA”, “C”, “D”


Old and New Testament

Spiritual encouragement

Camping Shovel


Foldable,   multifunctional


6 Large

Backup lighting and heat source

Change of Warm clothing

3 days

2 sets of shoes (not sandals)

Cooking utensils or kits

1 per person

Metal is best

Deck of cards & pocket games

A small variety

Morale booster

Drinking Water

1 gallon per person per day

2 gallons in Hot weather

EMP bags

Assorted sizes

To protect electronic equipment

First Aid Kit

1 Red Cross type

Sizes will vary as required


1 per person

Head lamps leave your hands free

Flint and Steel


Use to start fires w/o matches

Fuel for cooking

Use with portable stove

Indoors = butane or Sterno , Outdoors= propane or wood

Hand Sanitizers

Can’t have too many

Helps keep you healthy

Journaling supplies

Notebook & writing instruments

Communication & recordkeeping


Pocket or hunting

Handy to have, multifunctional

Local Maps and compass

Country, State, County and City

GPS won’t be working


Wood self-striking

Keep dry in plastic match holder


1 week supply per person

Prescription and non-prescription

Non-perishable food

1 week supply per person

Dehydrated and/or canned

Personal Hygiene supplies

1 week supply

Toothbrush, paste, soap…etc.

Plastic Baggies

20 each (quart and gallon sizes)

Food storage and keeping feet dry

Plastic trash bags

1 case

Large and thick, multifunctional

Portable Radio


Fresh batteries, multi-channel

Rain gear

1 per person

Coat, poncho with head covering

Sleeping Bag

1 per person

Waterproof, warm in lower temps

Sun Block lotion

1 large container

>30 SPF


At least one set

Cell phones probability won’t work

Water filter system (Portable)

1 per person

Filtration straws are available