Addemdum to September 11 Post

09-12-2020NewsletterJeff Looker, Senior Coordinator

I would like to propose an addendum to my letter of last Friday, where I said- "It is easy to get bogged down amid the noise and confusion of our modern world and the variety of voices and opinions that scream for our attention. We need to avoid the temptation of reverting to self-reliance and human wisdom that is rooted in fear and control....Eternal perspective is what is needed at this moment in history."

With social media's influence on all of us and the ready access to conflicting news reports about topics such as Pope Francis and his orthodoxy, the pros and cons of a variety of political topics such as the coming of the end times, the proper response to the pandemic and restrictions such as mask-wearing, sheltering in place etc... I would urge all members to "Make love your aim" (1 Cor 14:1)


Remembering September 11

09-11-2020NewsletterJeff Looker, Senior Coordinator

Brothers and Sisters

I am writing this letter to you on September 11, 2020. As Americans, we all know the significance of that date. The world changed forever after the events in New York unfolded that morning when evil plans descended upon so many innocent victims at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and beyond. I remember where I was when I heard the news (as most of us did, I am sure). I was in the middle of spreading drywall mud on a wall in my office building that I had just purchased for my architectural practice a few weeks before. The contractor working with me asked if I had seen the news, and we quickly switched on the TV (no smartphones back then!). I had a large architectural practice at that time with many employees that depended on a good economy for us to keep busy, so an additional level of anxiety crept in as well. The world was stunned and asked what does this mean? Many of my clients shut down projects due to uncertainty. Somehow though, we managed our way through the chaos, the Lord provided, and we pulled together as Americans. I remember a great sense of unity in that moment and the days that followed. Of course, that unity was regrettably short-lived, as politics and division came in at an even bigger scale.