Men On Fire Retreats

On Gaudete Sunday, 2013, the Most Reverend Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, celebrated Mass with us at our Community Center in Tempe. In his homily, he introduced us to the Aparecida Conference (2007) and its concluding document.

He encouraged us by saying that City of the Lord exhibited the four characteristics of a healthy church community. They are: a culture that provides an opportunity to be encountered by Christ, an authentic experience of Christian community, ongoing discipleship training and mission, which is the call to go out and share the Gospel. Until that time, we were oblivious to the Aparecida Document. Since then we have drawn inspiration and direction from the wisdom of the South American and Caribbean bishops. We are grateful to Bishop Olmsted for showing us the way.

The Men on Fire Retreats are patterned after the four characteristics of a healthy Church Community. This material is presented as our gift to the Body of Christ.

Into the Breach

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The Aparecida Document

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