47th Anniversary. The World is a Very Different Place

09-24-2021NewsletterJeff Looker, AZ Branch Senior Coordinator

Brothers and Sisters:

We are celebrating our 47th year as a community this month! In August 1974 the Lebeaus, Jones’ and Fr Larkin sign the first limited covenant for People of Joy - the Arizona predecessor of City of the Lord. Let us all rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness to us as he has sustained us as a people through many trials and joys throughout the years. One thing is for certain; the world is a very different place now than it was in 1974!



09-10-2021NewsletterJohn Hoyt, Provisional Coordinator

Spoiler alert! I’m about to use the “R” word. If you don’t want to hear “Re-founding” stop reading now… oops I guess it’s too late! About six years ago, the Lord began to speak to us prophetically about a time of community spring cleaning. Prophetic words such as “Renew My City” and “Travel Lightly” called us to examine our life together. We were called to strengthen that which is lifegiving and shed that which was holding us down. In short, we were called to re-found our life; and we did! Our re-founding was not an exercise to complete, and cross off our list. No! Our re-founding was for a purpose, I like to call it “So that…”. We re-founded so that… “So that this city shines upon a hilltop as a bright beacon – a beacon of hope, a beacon to follow, a beacon to welcome those lost and those who want to come home” (‘Renew My City’, 2016). In our re-founding we called it “Vibrant Community Life”.